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february, 2024

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Perfecting his talents throughout the years, Sojo’s aptitude to transform a room, venue or stage has satisfied and exceeded expectations of many. Sojo is a master of creating a vibe that can be felt deep down inside. Pulling from the cultures of hip hop & house music while blending it with his latin roots Sojo’s unique playing style is high energy and intense.  As a multimedia creator Sojo has found ways to merge his talents in the world of video DJing and live production to create an unforgettable experience. Combining his skills as a DJ with the mind of a producer, Sojo’s live set has set the bar to a pinnacle high.

“To me, technical ability aside, a DJ has to be able to tap into his sixth sense of reading his room. Playing to a crowd that owns your music is one thing. But the magic is walking into a room of people all different ages, ethnicities & social classes and making them vibe out! To me,  it’s always been about the room first….

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